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The digital health ecosystem converged at the highly successful hybrid InnoHealth Forum held on 22 - 23/09/2023 at Larissa, Greece. The event served as a catalyst for fostering new collaborations and potential partnerships in the realm of digital health in Greece. The forum, organized by JOIST Innovation Park, brought together an array of digital health experts, professionals, researchers, and organizations committed to advancing healthcare through technological innovation. The presence of esteemed speakers, panel discussions, and interactive workshops provided a platform for knowledge exchange and exploration of emerging trends in the digital health sector.

For HDHC, the event proved to be a resounding success, offering a unique opportunity to showcase its initiatives in digital health. The organization's representatives actively participated in various sessions, sharing insights and best practices from their work. One of the event's most significant outcomes was the numerous connections forged between HDHC and potential collaborators. As HDHC seeks to expand its reach and impact, these newfound relationships hold the promise of future partnerships that could revolutionize the digital health landscape.

Members of our cluster were present, and we were thrilled to learn more about their ground-breaking innovations and how we can elevate their work. The cluster's collective presence showcased the strength of the digital health ecosystem in the region and underscored its commitment to driving innovation in healthcare.

During the forum, HDHC’s director, Dimitrios Katehakis and the project manager, Eva Salmatani had the opportunity to present HDHC’s work in a presentation titled "Hellenic Digital Health Cluster: Contributing to the Emergence of the Greek Ecosystem of Innovation." During this session, the cluster's significant role in fostering innovation within Greece's digital health sector was highlighted. Emphasis was given on the importance of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and synergies among cluster members and the broader healthcare community. The panel "Good Practices from the Health Data Space Domain in the EU – Use Case Scenarios" showcased practical examples of how health data can be harnessed for improved patient care and healthcare management, and how VELES Excellence Hub project will enhance their role through Regional Health Data spaces. The session "Digital Transformation Solutions from the European Digital Innovation Hubs" further underscored the significance of collaboration on a European scale, and they emphasized how leverages partnerships within the European Digital Innovation Hubs network to drive digital transformation in healthcare, benefiting not only Greece but also the broader European community.

What made the event truly exceptional was the organizers' keen understanding of the current social context. In addition to its focus on digital health, the forum incorporated panels addressing the climate crisis and crisis management. This demonstrated a commitment to broader societal issues, aligning the event with the values of social responsibility and sustainability. The inclusion of these topics allowed participants to explore the intersection of digital health and climate crisis, recognizing the interdependence of human health and environmental well-being. It also provided a platform to discuss strategies for crisis management, particularly in the context of the ongoing global challenges.

In the ever-evolving field of digital health, collaboration and innovation are key drivers of progress. With new partnerships on the horizon, the future looks bright for advancements in digital health that will ultimately enhance patient care and well-being. The success of HDHC and its fellow cluster members at this event underscores their commitment to shaping the future of healthcare through digital innovation, promising a healthier and more connected world for all.

👉🏽 You can watch the sessions from InnoHealth Forum 2023 at Joist's YouTube Channel



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